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Zoning, Land Use & Environmental Lawyers

Florida has long been a leader in the relationship between its government and the people living here. This leadership has resulted in an elevated requirement for open government into its constitution and passage of numerous laws in support of Government in the Sunshine. In Florida, the people have an expectation that they can learn what their government is doing. Additionally, Florida has grown significantly since the end of World War II. This growth is being augmented by steady influx of retirees. It is not just retirees that find the state attractive. The working population continues to increase because it is necessary to build the housing and provide the services required by those who have chosen to live here. This population growth has challenged the State and Local governments to deal with the pressures created by a growing population’s need for housing and services while balancing that against the loss of the natural appeal of the state’s undisturbed areas, something that attracted many residents to come here in the first place.

Numerous zoning, environmental, and permitting laws now exist as a consequence. It can be a confusing and formidable path for anyone involved in the field. This firm has been a leader in the growth of this complex body of law with the firm’s roots dating back to the earliest days of environmental laws and modern growth management. Regardless of whether the issue involves taking a new project through the regulatory and approval process or inappropriate land uses threatening an established neighborhood, this firm has the experience, knowledge and the respect of the decision makers within this field to represent effectively your interests.

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